The FFT Partner Difference


We are accountable for the evolution of the intervention, documentation updates, and responsiveness.


Every agency has the right to increase their training capacity.  We want each organization to be self-sustaining.

Domains of Expertise

FFT Partners works in collaboratively to meet the needs of both the trainer and trainee.


We offer a competitive price for FFT training and certification.  Helping youth in the community shouldn’t be a luxury.  We also offer innovative practices to help save you money, such as staff turn-over insurance.


All FFT Consultants have been FFT therapists ‘in the trenches’ and have supervised FFT teams.  This brings both quality and expertise to consultations.


Our training is quick to respond to your challenges in order to maximize the success of your project.  We understand the realities of clinical practice ‘in the real world’ in order to keep the intervention relevant.


We refined our training based on emerging science and our experience.  We have made our trainings more responsive to the needs of adult learners and use various media such as on-line trainings.


We believe all FFT sites should share information, their experiences, and learn from each other.  We heave created a provider network that allows all sites to discuss pertinent topics that affect their current practice of FFT.